The country villa in the magnificent garden with view of a picturesque landscape with lake consists of main residential area with separate guest room and a holiday apartment. The house follows the slope by having created 5 staggered living areas. The uniqueness of the Villa seen from outside, are the 5 living areas with hipped roofs, the big windows and the winter garden with glass roof. Natural construction materials and first class completion of the interior give to the house a whiff of luxury. Also the skirting board heating, which tempers the walls on demand provides a pleasant living climate.  





pagina villa


The estate borders on garden with houses (partly with seasonal occupied apartments, a barn with meadows and to the forest. The small canyon about 100 m distant to the property provides a pleasant ripple and a special atmosphere.

The over 2000 sq big property is planted with a big quantity of shrubs, perennials and trees. The selected plants and flowers have the aim to embellish the vacation with colored flowers from Easter to October.

Already driving with the car from the entrance ate to the parking at the bend one enjoys the splendor of the garden. After the parking spot follows the loan with the pergola, where during spring the wisteria flowers are hanging down. Here a superb view to the lake is to admire and the vista further the Nuvolone hill next to Bellagio and behind the famous Grigne mountains next to Varenna.  

On the square surrounded with thick bamboos, oleander bushes and pittosporum in front of the entrance a few steps conduct to the upper garden level. Between flowers, perennials and scrubs the path arrives at the Belvedere near the forest. A marvelous panorama the garden, lake and the mountains behind enjoy the vista. The sitting area behind the house is shaded until 12 h, what is very pleasant also for the nearby rhododendrons and the hydrangeas.
Back to the pedestrian entrance gate conducts a stair through the blooming garden with lavender, roses and various scrubs and bushes.


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